ROWANCOUNTY, N.C. -- The next door neighbors accused of breaking into a drowned toddler's home will remain behind bars for now.

Bobby Milam and Jessica Williams are charged with ransacking the home while the victims were attending their son's funeral. Milam was in court Wednesday. He waived his right in district court and the case will no go to superior court in Rowan County.

Jessica Kepley, the mother of the drowned toddler, tells NBC Charlotte, she was hoping Milam would plead guilty Wednesday.

Thirteen-month-old Parker Munn died in September after falling into another neighbor's ornamental pond. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office says Bobby Milam and Jessica Willams broke into the home Kepley shared with Parker's father, Nicholas Munn, while the couple were out of town.

Jessica Williams' case was continued Wednesday. She remains in jail. Milam's attorney said they might ask for bail once his case goes to superior court.

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