CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A south Charlotte school is under fire after mistakenly posting students' personal information on the internet.

A safety breach at Charlotte Catholic High School puts students personal information out there for anyone to access. Students and parents had no idea until NBC Charlotte showed them.

Their high school's directory, complete with student names, phone numbers, emails, home addresses and more, was easily found on the internet.

Anyone with any kind of motive now has had access to the info, said one concerned parent.

A school spokeswoman admitted it was a mistake and that information should only have been accessible to students, parents and staff.

A viewer alerted NBC Charlotte and the school, and the school spokeswoman said they took it down.

But working with security expert and retired FBI agent Chris Swecker, we realized you can still find all 46 pages online.

The fact that they re young, that s what is scary, said one mom. There are all kinds of predators.

Swecker says the concern is that identity thieves or sexual predators could access this information and use it to gain even more information.

He says this is a good reminder that parents need to have a conversation with kids about who they re talking with on Facebook, and parents need to be especially aware of strange phone calls or emails.

CMPD detectives said it s also a good idea to do a Google search of your child s names every once in awhile to see what information is out there.

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