ROCKHILL, S.C. -- The Planning and Zoning Committee has approved rezoning for the city's sixth McDonald's at the corner of Celanese Road and Monterey Drive.

Still, several people living alone Monterey Drive in the Oakwood Acres neighborhood are fighting it.

Roger Hayes said his neighbors are afraid the 24-hour fast food restaurant restaurant will create traffic issues.

It's already tough to get out of here, explained Hayes, Can you imagine what it will be like once all those cars are here for the drive-thru? Plus, all the kids walking down the street. They will just throw their trash in my yard or worse. I don't want to have arguments and stuff happen in front of my house.

Developers hope to use the land wherea used car dealership already sits for the restaurant; but they also have requested to rezone a small, blue house. The plan is to use that land as a buffer between the McDonald's and the neighborhood.

Some people, like Hayes, see that little blue house as leverage. The land is zoned for residential use only, and has a restrictive deed that requires neighborhood approval to make it commercial. The developers need 50 signatures from residents to override the deed.

The Zoning Committee may have approved the proposal, but City Council has the final say. Hayes and his neighbors said they will be at the January 14, 2013 meeting to once againvoice their concerns.

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