Bath & Body Works Lotion: Another great coupon is available for a FREE Bath & Body Works product, no strings attached! This coupon is for 1 of their 3 new America's Sweethearts Signature fragranced lotions. It's the travel size bottle only, valued at $3.50! Make sure to go as soon as possible since this coupon expires after the weekend is over.

Free Digital Taste of Home: You usually see Taste of Home as a tangible magazine on store shelves...but this new offer from Mercury Magazines is a free digital subscription (good for a whole year!) you can download to your tablet or e-reader. Keep in mind, with Mercury Mags, you do have to take a survey, but it shouldn't take too much time.

Sun-maid Rasins Cookbook: This freebie is a 100th Anniversary Cookbook from Sun-maid. You can get this freebie as a booklet you'll receive in the mail, or as a download of an e-booklet. The recipes look pretty yummy, including a tropical carrot cake!

All these offers are good for a limited time only and are subject to change at any time. Act quickly, and don't forget if a store location is involved (as in the deal isn't redeemable online) you should probably call your location ahead of time to make sure they've supplies and/or that they're accepting a certain coupon. Have a great weekend everybody and I'll see you on TV tonight! Dion

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