YORKCOUNTY, S.C. -- The York County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with a U.S. Marshal's Office taskforce conducted a sex offender compliance sweep to verify addresses of nearly 350 registered sex offenders in the county.

Of the 347 registered sex offenders in the county, the joint operation found 340 in compliance during the three-day operation. The seven registered sex offenders whose addresses could no be verified will have warrants issued for their arrests, and officials say they will be actively pursued until they're in custody.

Kelvin Washington with the U.S. Marshals Office for the District of South Carolina says, This should give the people of the community an assurance that the Sheriff's Office is getting ahead of the sex offender registry, they are not waiting for something to happen.

The compliance check is completed at least once a year, as part of the South Carolina sex offender law. Sex offenders must register their address within three days of a move.

York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant says, The most innocent of the innocent are usually the victims in sex offender cases... We will hold all sex offenders accountable for their actions, and we do our best to keep those offenders from harming anyone else in our county.

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