CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police continue their crackdown on Internet Sweepstakes Parlors.

Wednesday night officers raided Queens Gold Sweepstakes in the 9100 block of South Tryon Street.

They seized more than two dozen machines, this raid follows Tuesday night's shutdown of LPM on Old Pineville Road.

Police say that both businesses had machines with illegal software. The NC Supreme Court ruled that the software is too addictive.

The Queen's Gold raid caught neighboring businesses by surprise. Maria Diaz operates a beauty salon next door and was glad to see police act.

I'm not agreeing with the gambling, I take it, that's not good for anybody, people they lose all their money, even their family money, said Diaz.

NBC Charlotte tried to talk to some cafe owners, but none would go on the record. One owner who didn't want to be identified said the crackdown is having an effect and everyone is worried.

A customer who didn't want to be identified said he didn't want to be in a cafe if police are raiding it.

Yeah it would bother me badly because ain't nothing but a friendly pastime. It would bother me they are supposed to be up running right, I don't know, said the man.

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