CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. Arrest warrants show that Long View police investigators believe a man arrested for a toddler's murder Friday intentionally scalded him and his 3-year-old sister.

William Howard Lail III is charged with murder in the death of 20-month-old Jaydon Ray Sandlin, according to the warrants. Lail is the boyfriend of the children's mother.

Lail is also charged with two counts of intentional child abuse with serious physical injuries, for scalding burns to Jaydon and his three-year-old sister, Kylie.

One warrant says Lail intentionally scalded Jaydon on the buttocks and backs of both legs. Another says he intentionally scalded Kylie on her head, shoulders, legs, and feet.

A search warrant posted on the door of the children's home Saturday said excessive water came from the Jaydon's mouth and nose as Lail attempted CPR on the naked, unconscious toddler.

The search warrant also noted a witness's observation that Jaydon had burns on his body and bruising on his forehead.

One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, recalled Saturday how she saw Lail run to a neighbor's house screaming for them to call 911. Then she said Lail run back to his own home before returning to the neighbor with the toddler's lifeless body.

The woman said the young boy looked blue, as if he had been dead a while.

Police said the children's mother was not home at the time.

Another neighbor who cared for three-year-old Kylie until paramedics arrived said she appeared to have both old and new burn marks on her.

I couldn't imagine how that little kid got burned so bad like that, Kyle Sigmon told NBC Charlotte on Friday. I could put my hand over her back and you could still see the scabs and stuff like that.

Saturday, Kyle's mother Connie Sigmon said her son had trouble sleeping Friday night.
It was shocking, she said. My son held her until the firemen came and picked her up and took her into the ambulance.

Kylie was taken to Frye Regional Medical Center. Her condition was unavailable from the hospital Saturday, but people working close to the case said she was sitting up and talking.

Saturday, flowers sat on Jaydon's doorstep -- placed by Connie Sigmon's three-year-old grandson.
Neighbor Kevin Brown drove by the home, and shook his head as he talked about the neighborhood's reaction.

It's very sad, it's a sad day in this neighborhood, said Brown. It's gonna take a while for the whole neighborhood to recover.

Lail is in the Catawba County jail under no bond because of the murder charge, and an additional $100,000 bond for the child abuse charges.

Lail is also charged with a probation violation. The type of offense was not immediately available, but jail records show Lail had a court date scheduled this month for failure to report an accident and resisting a public officer in a case from 2011.

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