MOUNTAIN ISLAND LAKE, N.C. -- With the heavy flooding on Monday Duke raised the water levels on Mountain Island Lake and now many docks are damaged and boats are trapped leaving people living there asking why were they not given warning.

We were all caught off guard, said Stonewater Community representative, Sean Mullen.

There s extensive damage at Mountain Island lake and it has neighbors of the Stonewater community angry.

In our mind, a simple communication from Duke, even a day in advance would have potentially given people enough time and warning to get belongings and boats out of the lake, said Mullen.

Residents living here received no alert from Duke when they raised the lake level above full lake level of 100 feet to 104 feet.

Lake front homeowner Charles Collier had to spend $6,000 to just to get his boat out of the lake.

If it had been at 100 or even 102, I would have been ok, most people would have been ok, it's the fact it goes way over what they say it's ever going to be, said Collier.

Collier says the fact that Lake Norman never had its water level raised makes him question Duke s actions.

It was basically taken as a toss of a coin how much damage did they want to incur on Lake Norman versus Mountain Island Lake, said Collier.

We checked with Gaston County Emergency Management and they told me they only issue an alert in an emergency or evacuation situation or unless they're told by Duke to make notice, and in this case that did not happen.

We'd like a response from Duke , we'd like to know what if anything they're going to do to work with us and our home owners association to repair the boat slips, the community boats slips , some people have boats in there trapped and can't get them out, said Mullen.

People in the Stonewater neighborhood say they believe unless Duke raises the gate to let some of the water out, they have no real timeline as to when the lake will return to normal. They are now gathering and encouraging neighbors to contact local government representatives.

We reached out to Duke and did not hear back.

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