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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Another bank has been robbed in Charlotte. This time it's the SunTrust Bank in the 1900 block of Galleria Boulevard.

FBICharlotte says a man of an unknown race with brown skin and a thin build passed the teller at SunTrust Bank a note demanded cash and then fled the bank on foot around 2:15 Wednesday afternoon.

Officials describe the man as being in his late 20s, standing about 6-foot, with perhaps tattoos, a skin condition, scars or some identifiable marking on his left arm, as the robber wore some type of tan wrap to conceal only his left arm.

During the robbery, the suspect wore khaki pants, a white t-shirt, brown baseball cap and work boots.

The suspect made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

If you have any information that may assist CMPDor FBICharlotte in this case, please call (704) 334-1600 or (704) 672-6100.

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