CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It looks like the chances of the Hornets name returning to the Queen City got a little stronger. reported Friday that that Charlotte Bobcats organization is actively trying to change the franchise's name back to the Charlotte Hornets.

The Charlotte Hornets was the original name of the professional basketball team in the Queen City for 14 seasons from 1988 through 2002.

After the 2002 season the team relocated to New Orleans taking the team name with them. This year the New Orleans Hornets elected to change their name to the Pelicans.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has expressed interest before in returning the Hornets name to Charlotte.

In a November interview with NBC Charlotte's news partner, The Charlotte Observer, Jordan said he was open to the idea of reclaiming the name.

It's definitely an interest down the road, but right now it's the New Orleans Hornets, Jordan told the Observer. We would definitely entertain the opportunity. That's as much as we can say right now. We've heard the community ask the question, and we would listen.

Looks like it's becoming a reality.

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