MOORESVILLE, N.C. Many gathered for a special dedication on Friday honoring a beloved local crossing guard who died while protecting the children he loved.

There s a mama bird sitting on the nest she's built in the yard in front of Coddle Creek Elementary.
All the fanfare at the school Friday has her chirping pretty loudly.

It s fitting though, because she's protecting her young just like Frank did, said Principal Brian Foster.

Frank Booth, Sr., was the school's beloved crossing guard.

He was so friendly, caring, he was brave enough to go out there and make sure we were all safe every day, said middle-schooler Jordan Ostrowski.

She s the Girl Scout that helped lead Friday s efforts at the school.

Frank Booth, Jr., was there and said of his dad, He smiled and waved to every kid that came through; they all said, Hi, Mr. Booth, when they left and he got to know them.

Frank Sr. was killed while helping kids cross at a nearby middle school last November.

Dad was a great guy and my hero, and I miss him every day. But this is a great way to remember who he was and why he worked as hard as he did.

The kids of Coddle Creek were all in neon Friday.

It s in remembrance of him because he always wore this bright green vest, said fourth grader Rebekah Hastings.

And they're renaming the street in front of the school to Frank's Crossing Loop.

The kids cheered at the roads new name.

Mama bird wasn't too happy about all the noise.

I think she is almost like Frank, Ostrowski said, She is protecting her eggs and protecting her children and Frank protected us, and the bird obviously isn t wanting anyone to touch her eggs just like Frank didn't want anything to happen to us. It makes me feel really happy.

Like maybe, just maybe, Frank is still watching.

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