MARSHVILLE, N.C. -- A home invasion in Union County turned deadly when the people inside shot and killed the armed intruder.

It happened around 1 a.m. Thursday on Lanesboro Road near Marshville.

Investigators say a young man wearing a mask and pointing a gun forced his way inside the front door.

The people who live in the house were in bed, heard the noise, got their own gun and shot him. The occupants have not been charged. Investigators say it appears to be self defense. The district attorney will review the case for a final determination once the investigation is complete.

The intruder died after he ran out of the house and collapsed in the front yard.

At last check investigators had not identified the person who died, but say he is a young man.

They say it started as a burglary and led to a death, but aren't saying what the intruder was looking for, if he threatened to kill the people inside or if he knew them.

The occupants did not see the intruder's face due to the mask.

He shouldn't have went in there, said neighbor Nicky McClendon.

Janet Edwards is friends with the people who live in the house where home invasion occurred.

She's been my neighbor all my life, she's a good person, the family is good people, they don't bother anybody, it's just a tragedy, Edwards said. I feel bad for everyone involved, it's sad, but in this day and time the world is getting so bad, you got to do what you got to do to protect yourself.

Seven people have died due to violence in and around Marshville since last summer.

There was a triple homicide on Landsford Road in July, 2012.

There was a double homicide on Lanesboro Road in August, 2012, just down the road from Thursday's home invasion where the intruder was shot and killed.

Sixty year-old Charles Godwin was shot in the back while in his house in August, 2012 as well. His murder remains unsolved.

Edwards is Godwin's sister. She initially said the area is quiet and not much happens.

I'm beginning to wonder now, she said.

Investigators say none of the murders or Thursday's home invasion are connected.

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