BOSTON, M.A. -- That one terrible moment, followed soon after by another, changed the life direction for hundreds of people on April 15.

Erika Brannock is one of those people and has been in the hospital since race day. She is the last Boston Marathon bombing victim to leave the hospital.

Erika was at the finish line waiting for her mother with her sister and brother-in-law, Nicole and Michael Gross, who both live here in Charlotte. On Monday she told reporters her recovery is as much emotional as it is physical.

Erika says I had one survivor on the floor with me, and when we would see each other, we would yell out encouragements to one another.

Erika is 29 and teaches preschool near Baltimore, MD.Erika is a teacher, a true giver, but since April 15, has been the receiver of so much love, so much care, and so much attention.

Erika says, I ve had some dark moments and incredible compassion.

Erika s Doctor says she will need more surgery and has a long road to recovery ahead of her. It has been a long 49 days spent healing, physical wounds took part of Erika s left leg, and she has severe damage to her right leg.

As Erika leaves the confines of medical care on Monday, she does so teaching lessons in courage, patience, endurance, but most of all a lesson in the power of the human spirit.

Erika tearfully told reporters, I just want to hug my friends, to see my kids, sit down with them and read them a story.
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