CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Safety and weather are both on the minds of Charlotte residents as they head out for Fourth of July celebrations.

City officials say safety is the primary concern.

For now, crews say the rain will go on, rain or shine, if circumstances permit.

If it s just raining outside, we re most likely going with the show at 9:30, no problem. But if it s a severe weather situation, we re postponing the show, getting people to a safe place, and then we ll shoot the show as soon as we get a window, said Robert Krumbine of Charlotte City Partners.

The cutoff for fireworks is midnight in Uptown Charlotte. Family events could be moved inside the Grady Cole Center. People can also take shelter there in the event of severe weather.

Charlotte City Partners says the fire marshal is responsible for allowing the show to go on, which depends primarily on nearby lightning. Cloud cover must also not be so low that it would ruin the display. Once given permission from the fire marshal, Krumbine makes the final call.

Attendees cannot bring umbrellas to the fireworks show.

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