ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Winthrop University is keeping an eye on security with new, cutting edge technology. They re the first college campus in the South to implement an eye scanner system.

The Newtown tragedy just got everybody's attention, said Winthrop University head of technology services, Patrice Bruneau.

Tragic school shootings have campuses like Winthrop University taking a closer look at security especially with having the Macfeat child preschool on Winthrop's campus.

The technology we use and is used everywhere is the ID cards and those can be really forged easily now a days, there's no guarantee, said Bruneau.

Bruneau says they wanted the most cutting edge technology, the Eagle Eye scan. Here how it works, a student s iris is scanned and they are enrolled into the system so all they have to do it walk up to the scanner, look into it and it will give them access.

So if someone who is not enrolled in the system tries to walk up and gain access they will be denied access. It was a concept that at first concerned some students.

At first I was very insecure about it, wasn't sure about the eye scan, said student Amber Kelley.

But Patrice says it's not a retina scan just iris, and it's the most accurate form of identification which gives students added comfort.

It made me excited to know our campus is going to be secure and keep our campus free of strangers, said Kelley.

Incoming freshman have already been enrolled, which makes parents feel more secure.

You hear about it all the time you have people that don't belong on campus maybe starting trouble on campuses so it's an added security, said parent, Bridget Green.

And it s easier for students.

With this system you gain convenience you might not see at first like you don't lose your eyeballs at home, said Bruneau.

The first scanners will go outside the Macfeat Preschool. Then the West Fitness and Pool center, as well as buildings with chemical labs inside. They hope with more funding to get them at all the buildings including dorms.

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