CHARLOTTE, N.C. A Sunday outing to Carowinds Theme park quickly turned into a scary ordeal for thrill seekers.

Dozens of people were stuck mid air after a ride stopped working.

Carowinds officials said more than 60 people were stuck on the WindSeeker for about an hour when it suddenly stopped working.

A viewer sent a photo when the incident happened. According to park officials, a sensor caused the safety system to kick in.

Officials said everyone was lowered safely to the ground. Last September, park attendees were left dangling some 300 feet in the air on the same ride.

After the September incident, Carowinds' parent company, Cedar Fair, temporarily shut down the WindSeeker at its amusement parks across the country after a string of similar incidents.

In an emailed statement, Carowinds tells NBCCharlotte, (we) anticipate opening the ride tomorrow.

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