CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Residents who live around a parcel of land less than eight acres in Charlotte are concerned about plans to build an apartment complex there.

We moved in ten years ago and there was one small farm house, said Robin Delmar, who said the 7.3 acres that sat behind her back yard fence was once inhabited by a farm.

She said she always knew the farm would go away but never thought she would see what developers want to place there.

We figured it would be like ten more houses, not a three story on top of a hill apartments.

According to its Web site, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership is a nonprofit housing corporation, which is designed to expand affordable and well maintained housing with stable neighborhoods for moderate income families. The CMHP plans to build a 70 unit, three story apartment complex on land off Weddington Road, and wants to apply to have the land rezoned to do so.

Residents said that they are worried that the land is too small to have 70 families live there, mainly because of the lack of infrastructure from the city.

We were planning on houses, but now instead, I will be looking back at a parking lot and a community center, and I'm not sure what else, said Delmar.

Neighbors told NBC Charlotte that the area is lacking in sidewalks and roads, and has overcrowded classrooms. They said that adding more people to this neighborhood would cause more headaches.

The issue isn't who's going to live there. It s just that a 70 unit, 3 story is too big for a wedge piece of seven acres, said resident Christy Lewis.

Residents hope that by spreading their concerns about the proposed buildings, maybe they can convince the CMHP to choose another area.

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