CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Deidre and John Foster were married a year after they met. Their dream: to have a baby right away.

But almost immediately after trying, the couple s dream seemed impossible. Deidre miscarried five times.

It s a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of failure because you can t, said Deidre Foster.

Now women like Deidre can turn to an expanded fertility center at Carolinas Healthcare System. It s expected to open in October.

The exciting thing in this area are the things you can t see, said Dr. Brad Hurst, of Carolinas Healthcare System, as he gave NBC Charlotte a tour of the Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center.

Hurst says the Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center s air is so pure thanks to state-of-art filters that he says will make a difference for women trying to get pregnant.

If we have better air quality the embryo quality should be better and the growths improve. And we d expect the birth rate would go up, said Dr. Hurst.

In addition to the improved air quality, there s also stainless steel equipment that does not release gases.

The center is also larger than the current facility, with three IVF stations. Right now Carolinas HealthCare has one IVF station.

The increase will mean shorter wait times for women trying to get in for treatment. People like the Fosters.

At age 40, after so much heartache, Deidre and John Foster s dream came true. They now have a one-year-old baby girl, whom the call E.V. What will they tell her of the time they spent trying to have her?

I'll tell her it was a long road to get her. We prayed and she s our miracle baby, said Deidre Foster.

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