CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A massive security breach at Target has put the private information of up to 40 million shoppers at risk, the retail giant announced Thursday.

That breach happened during prime holiday shopping times, including Black Friday.

The Better Business Bureau says it's one of the largest single consumer data breaches they've seen, and you need to act now to protect yourself against charges you didn't make.

The dates of Target's information breach are from November 27 to December 15. That's when Kamden and Jerry Dunn did much of their Christmas shopping.

Yes, I've been here several times, Kamden said. She estimates she spent several hundred dollars during that time period, and used a Target card to make purchases.

Target says the breach includes shoppers' names, credit or debit card account numbers, card expiration dates and the three digit security code often found on the back.

That's nerve-wracking, Dunn said.

The bad guys have your credit card information, you know that, and there's one thing they can really do with that is create a card identical to yours and go out there and start using it as if it was yours, said Better Business Bureau President Tom Bartholomy. They're going to go out there and make as many purchases as they possibly can under your name, under your account number that's going to show up on your account.

The Dunn's next stop is making sure someone else didn't spend their money at Target.

Check the account for sure, Jerry Dunn said.

Through the Target system, will contact my bank, let them know about the situation so that if any unknown charges happen to my account that I can make sure I am reimbursed, or they are contacting me before the charge goes through, Kamden said.

Social security numbers were not stolen, Bartholomy said.

Target says it has identified and resolved the problem, but people need to check their accounts.

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