CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cam Newton needs your help - off the field!

The Panthers quarterback is competing to help win the Charlotte United Way $10,000, and he's doing it by recruiting people to mentor students.

Third grader Marlin Santos stands in front of a giant poster of Cam, but she admits she doesn t know who he is.

Still, the Panthers star quarterback is competing to help her and other kids just like her.

Newton works with the United Way trying to get people in the community to volunteer as a mentor, tutor or reader to kids in Charlotte.

He s also competing against other NFL players in a challenge. If he recruits more volunteers than the other players, Charlotte s United Way will get the $10,000.

Leslie Bridger is on Cam's team -- and Marlin's. She reads with the Montclaire Elementary School student every week.

I'd like to say I m doing good for her but honestly she s doing far more for me, she told us.

Together the two of them have helped advance Marlin's reading.

Marlin says, It feels good because I m not at a low grade level.

She may not know Cam, but she's definitely feeling his impact, and hoping others will too.

If you d like to volunteer and be a part of Cam s team, check out this link.

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