CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The inflexible, April 15 cutoff for filing taxes has never been a friend to procrastinators, but that s even truer this year.

Post offices in the Carolinas will not offer extended hours and will close and their regularly scheduled time.

This is not true for all states, but overall, the U.S. Postal Service says electronic filing has eliminated the need for extended hours.

Anyone who does file for an extension has some time left. Those tax forms are due by October 15.

USPS offers these tips for anyone who hasn t filled out their tax forms:

Personal Information

Social Security Numbers (including spouses, children, and other dependents)

Child care provider: Name, address, and Tax I.D. or Social Security Number

Residential address(es) for this year

Employment & Income Information

W-2 forms from all employers

Retirement income (e.g., IRA distributions, pension plans, annuities): Form 1099-R

Interest and dividend income: Form 1099 from banks, brokerage firms, or mutual fund companies

Small business income: Schedule C

Unemployment compensation: Form 1099-G

Miscellaneous income (e.g., freelance, contract, other): Form 1099-MISC

Investment income (sales of stocks, bonds, mutual funds)

State and local income tax refunds: Form 1099-G

Scholarships or grants received: Form 1099-G

Alimony received: Form 1099-G

Deductible Payments

IRA contributions

Student loan interest payments

Alimony payments

Itemized Deductions

Medical expenses

Real estate taxes paid

Personal property taxes (includes auto)

Home mortgage interest

Gifts to charity

Other Expenses

Unreimbursed expenses related to your job

Child care expenses

Educational expenses

Moving expenses


Federal, state, and local estimated income tax paid for current year

Records to document medical expenses or other expenditures that may not be deductible

Records for any other revenue or sales of property that may be taxable or reportable

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