CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- Catawba County neighbors are trying to figure out how to keep traffic congestion from overtaking a corridor of Highway 150, from the Terrell area to Highway 16.

A lot of people live around here because it is so laid back and quiet, said Bob Sysol, who owns the Terrell Country Store on Highway 150 and Sherrills Ford Road.

It s nothing but a line of traffic coming this way, he said.

Terrell is considered ground zero in Catawba County's plan to manage traffic and growth best it can in that corridor.

Neighbors say all you have to do is cross county lines into Iredell County to know what you don't want lots of cars and backups.

It doesn t need to turn into what it is down there, Sysol said.

The simple truth is that's already happening, like it or not.

Growth in this area is expected to be in the double digits over the next decade. That means more buildings and homes, as well as cars.

Eventually, NCDOT plans to widen 150 from two to four lanes, but that's at least six years away.

Thursday, neighbors and county planners are coming up with their own road map for this area.

The goal is making smart decisions about roads, intersections, driveways, right of way and zoning. The county will use the public input to help create a final Highway 150 corridor plan, which is expected to be voted on later this year.

Kyle Andre sells produce along 150. He says there's plenty of room for improvement.

Right here, having a caution light. There are so many accidents coming out on this road here,

Sysol wants to see more traffic lights.

The bottom line is the county and neighbors are trying to get a handle on what's coming and prepare for it, or spend a lot of time, money and energy catching up.

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