CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Douglas is one of the costliest airports across the country, says the Wall Street Journal.

Charlotte ranks fifth on a list of 75 airports when it comes to what it costs to book an average ticket.

Cincinnati bears the dubious burden of ranking first, with an average fare of $223 and 22.2 cents per mile. Charlotte s comes in at $186 and 20.3 cents.

The Wall Street Journal says often price is determined by the type of plane and the people typically served by that airport, with variables including wealthy surrounding communities and the amount of business travelers.

Also on Thursday, Triple A said the airport s cost could cause families to head to other regional airports, citing factors like parking woes and the high airfare.

Triple A even recommends it families. Its example:

If you were to fly from Charlotte to Orlando 6/26-6/28 the cost today would be $442.50 while flying those same dates from Greensboro to Orlando would cost $377 - a savings per person of $65.50 or $262 for a family of four.

This is not necessarily the rule, though. The Wall Street Journal says busy airports with several flights might have lower fares because of competition.
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