CHARLOTTE, N.C. Now that he has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate, the question around town is, What is Patrick Cannon telling the FBI?

As part of the plea deal that was formalized in court Tuesday, Cannon has to tell everything he knows about any wrongdoing that he was involved in.

How much time he might eventually spend in prison depends on how honest and forthcoming he is, and that has many wondering who could be implicated next.

Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Barnes fired off a letter to the Charlotte Observer saying he did nothing wrong in helping the owner of the former Twin Peeks strip club, who is accused of paying Cannon a $2,000 bribe.

The FBI says Cannon, after getting the cash, contacted Barnes to help since Barnes represents that district along North Tryon Street.

Criminal defense attorney Melissa Owen, who is not part of the Cannon, case says Barnes or any other official dealing with Cannon would not be guilty of anything unless they knew what Cannon was up to.

It would only be a crime if he knew that money was received or if he himself would receive money, said Owen .

In his letter to the Observer, Barnes said, My conduct was consistent with what I believe almost all elected officials strive to do for their constituents.

While Cannon was charged with accepting the bribe from the club owner, that owner was not charged or even named by the FBI.

The person who paid the bribe could be considered a co-conspirator because they have also acted in this scheme to defraud, said Owen.

The club owner s son confirmed that his father David Baucom is the man alluded to by the FBI, but says the elder Baucom has nothing to say at this time about the bribery allegation.
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