BELMONT, N.C. -- Investigators are working a new lead that may explain how Janet Simpson's SUV wound up off a dead end road near the Catawba River in Belmont.

Simpson vanished after having breakfast at a restaurant on East Independence Boulevard in Charlotte on Dec. 5.

Her GMC Envoy was found parked in the grass just off a parking lot of an old mill on Parkdale Avenue last Thursday night.

Investigators have been baffled since Simpson didn t have an apparent connection to Belmont or someone who might know the remote area where the vehicle was found.

Now, NewsChannel 36 has learned that police are looking at some foreclosures Simpson was working on as a mortgage broker for Bank of Granite. Some of those foreclosures were contentious and one of those was in Belmont.

They are investigating it and looking to see if there is any contact or connection with the case at all, said Belmont Police Chief David James.

James would not name the Belmont resident facing foreclosure or say if that person had had any prior contact with police.

He did say that it could explain how the SUV wound up in a remote area that is not well-traveled.

If it can be linked, the foreclosure, with a person in the area where the vehicle was found, that would be helpful, James said.

NewsChannel 36 has also confirmed that the keys were missing from the SUV, however Simpson's cell phone and purse were found inside and the purse contained cash.

According to James, that s not the standard MO for a robbery.

If it is a robbery motive they are going to take something they can get quick cash with and turn it over to buy something like drugs. It is just very unusual, he said.

A spokesperson from Bank of Granite could not be reached for comment.

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