CHARLOTTE, N.C. The family of the 16-year-old who died after falling out of an airplane says they're considering filing a lawsuit.

Anthony Tisdale and Jonette Washington, Delvonte Tisdale's parents, have hired Florida attorney Christopher Chestnut. The family says they hired Chestnut because they were not getting answers about their son's death.

It's just painful to go day by day [and] just not know what really happened, said Jonette Washington.

My frustration is coming from no answers, said Anthony Tisdale.

Today, their lawyer and both parents spoke with NewsChannel 36 about how they hope a lawsuit could provide answers to those nagging questions.

In November 2010, the teen's badly mangled body was found in a Boston suburb.

Investigators later determined that Delvonte had somehow breached security at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and stowed himself inside a US Airways wheel well. The teen died after falling fallen out of the plane on its approach to Boston's Logan International.

We've asked a number of questions. The family has not got a response, said their attorney Christopher Chestnut.

Chestnut says a lawsuit may be the only way to find out what happened to Delvonte.

We have one of the larger airports in the country, a hub for a large airline - one of the major airlines in the country - and no one in the last two months since Delvonte's death has been able to tell us what happened, said Chestnut.

The attorney says a lawsuit will allow the family to learn about evidence, talk to witnesses and piece together how Delvonte was able to pass through security and get inside an airliner wheel well.

[A lawsuit is] what we need here as a family to bring closure. We're just not receiving any responses, said Anthony Tisdale.

Chestnut tells NewsChannel 36 the earliest a lawsuit will be filed would be in February.

Neither officials from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport or US Airways wanted to comment on this story.

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