FORT WORTH, Texas -- More than 1.5 million Americans went under the knife to improve their appearance last year. That number is up from the past two years and some plastic surgeons say this year is looking even better.

Gina Wigginton consulted with plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson about a lower facelift.

Just to perk myself up a little more, Wigginton said.

It wasn't her first time in Anderson's office.

First time ever was in April of 2009 and I was in my 40s and had my children, and I thought I needed to focus some time back on me and make myself look youthful again, she said.

So Wigginton got an eyelid lift. She knew soon after that she wanted more done, but she waited.

It's been because of money reasons I've waited this long, she said.

Wigginton is not alone. In 2010, cosmetic surgeries were up 9 percent from the year before.

There was a little bit of a decrease when the recession first started, but in the last year and a half we've actually seen more people come in for cosmetic surgery, Anderson said.

Facelifts in particular really surged. They were up 35 percent from 2009.

That's the part that everyone sees, Anderson said.

Wigginton says when it comes to making an impression on others she wants to put her best face forward.

We only have one body and it's important to keep it maintained, she said.

While some say a rise in plastic surgery is a sign the economy is rebounding, others say plastic surgery is just one more way for people who are out of work to try and attract employers in a tough job market.

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