RALEIGH, N.C. -- Carleen Wray, executive director of the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), has announced that Jessica Weber, a sophomore at Cuthbertson High School (Waxhaw, NC), was recognized by the National Association of SAVE for her youth safety and violence prevention efforts. The 2010-2011 National SAVE Student of the Year Award was awarded to Jessica for outstanding performance and lasting contributions to her school, community and fellow students, and for exemplifying the ideals of SAVE.

Jessica singlehandedly started our school s SAVE Chapter. In the spring of 2010, Jessica took part in a presentation on domestic violence, and at the end of it, came to me and said 'I've never been a victim, but nobody deserves to be. How can I help?' stated Leah Ross, Cuthbertson's SAVE Chapter advisor. From there, she researched clubs relating to violence prevention and chose the one she felt fit our community's needs the best; even organizing toy and blanket drives for the local child abuse center over her summer holiday. Since she started this club last fall, Jessica has done all of the recruiting and it has grown to almost a dozen dedicated members, and dozens more have been affected by her dedication and commitment to the cause. Jessica is the heart and soul of this club and she is only a sophomore in high school; we are already recruiting members for the next school year and have planned summer events to keep the momentum going strong.

Jessica embodies the ideals of SAVE and is a model for SAVE members everywhere, stated Carleen Wray. SAVE was started by students for students over 22 years ago, and Jessica continues that legacy today by being an outstanding leader and role model. We know that through students like Jessica, we can create safer schools and communities as a result of students being actively involved in meaningful youth safety efforts.

About the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere:
SAVE started at West Charlotte High School in Charlotte, N.C. in 1989 following the tragic death of a student who was trying to break up a fight at an off-campus party. Students met first to console each other, then as an organization to promote violence prevention and to work together to prevent future incidents from occurring. SAVE provides education about the effects and consequences of violence and helps provide safe activities for students, parents and communities. For more information on SAVE or starting a SAVE chapter, visit, or contact SAVE at (866) 343-SAVE to receive free start-up materials and guidance.

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