CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hi Everybody! I ve got a HUGE list of Veteran s Day deals today, including free meals and food at about 10 different restaurants, a free chocolate bar, carwash, discount at Harris Teeter and much more. All for active and former members of the military. Check out the list here.

For everybody else this weekend, don t worry, the deals are still generous!

Here s a coupon for a free Ruby Tuesday Burger with 2 drinks.

The Standz Hair Studio website is giving away Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage body lotion sample here.

Emergen-C Packets are still available here. This fizzy drink mix is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy during the temperature drop/cold season.

If you have a minute, Colgate has a new $1 coupon for their sensitive toothpaste. Yes, it s just a coupon, but from what bloggers have been saying, is stores like WalMart have the travel size for just 99 cents, and since there s no size restriction, you ll be able to get it for free! Check ahead of time by calling if necessary.

Honest Kitchen whole-food natural dog food has a new Facebook offer here where you ll get a voucher for free sample.

Yesterday when I came home from work, I was tired and slightly stressed, but opened my mailbox to see a certain photo (see gallery).

This is the Crest Complete sample pack I mentioned for Dion s Daily Deals a few weeks ago! Included: a Scope mouthwash, toothpaste sample and coupons. Nice!

As always, these deals go fast get them while they last. See you on TV, and check out my special Veteran s Day Edition of Dion s Daily Deals, tonight at 5:30!

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