CHARLOTTE, N.C. Jurors heard dramatic testimony in the trial of Tyler Stasko Thursday.

Stasko is on trial for allegedly hitting and killing three people in another car while drag racing back in 2009.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Major Crash Investigator Detective Jesse Wood took the stand Thursday morning and said there was no evidence of braking or even skid marks before the vehicles collided.

Winthrop University professor Cynthia Furr and her 2-year-old daughter were killed as they tried to turn left onto Route 49 at Riverpointe Drive in south Charlotte.

Hunter Holt, 13, who was riding in Stasko s car, was also killed.

At the time of the impact, Ms. Furr s car was traveling at 10 miles and hour and Mr. Stasko s car was traveling at a minimum of 86 miles and hour, Wood told the jury.

Wood said at that speed, Stasko would have been traveling at 126 feet per second and the impact with Furr s vehicle was severe.

The drive train was broken in half, Wood said as jurors were shown pictures of Furr s vehicle.
Wood s testimony ended the prosecution s case and the jury was then taken to see the intersection for themselves.

Stasko and his attorney were present as the jurors looked around. Some of them leaned out into the road to look back up Route 49 in the direction Stasko would have come from.

On Friday the defense is expected to start making its case to the jury.

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