CHARLOTTE, N.C.--South Charlotte's Flying Biscuit Cafe restaurant could be punished for hiring the man accused of killing manager Danielle Watson.

Mark Anthony Cox, 22, is accused of murdering Watson on January 13 at the restaurant off of Rea Road at the StoneCrest Shopping Center.

Cox was convicted of two felonies within the last three years, which meant he was not allowed to work in a restaurant that serves alcohol, according to Alcohol Law Enforcement.

Flying Biscuit owner Hugh Bigham said in a statement: During the short time Mark Cox was employed by the Flying Biscuit he performed his responsibilities accordingly and was trusted by his co-workers. During the interview process, Cox acknowledged a previous conviction. He was given a chance and initially hired on a trial basis.

The Flying Biscuit could be fined or have its liquor license revoked for a short time, but we're told that's unlikely.

One special agent on the case told us, Unfortunately, it's too late for the Flying Biscuit. Hopefully these circumstances will prevent this from happening at some other place.

According to the search warrant, Cox confessed to his sister that he murdered Watson the night of the incident.

Cox is charged with two counts of murder for allegedly killing Watson, who was two months pregnant.

The apartment police searched is less than one mile from the restaurant, and Cox lived there with his sister, mother and another man, according to the search warrant.

Cox told his sister he stabbed Watson multiple times during an argument inside the cafe, according to the search warrant.

Cox's sister also told police Cox's work uniform was in a plastic trash bag and was soaked in blood.

The sister also told police Cox told her he had taken the victim s vehicle and was planning on dumping the bloody clothes and vehicle in a river.

Officers found Watson s body behind a dumpster in the StoneCrest Shopping Center.

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