DAVIDSON, N.C. -- A Charlotte tennis instructor denies indecent liberties charges and plans to plead not guilty.

Police say 36-year-old Jeremy Princell, who runs Princell Tennis, had inappropriate physical contact with students, both of whom were minors. Police say the two incidents happened in separately over the last two years in Davidson, although Davidson police aren t saying where.

In court Tuesday, Princell s attorney Deke Falls said there was only one charge against him from a 15-year-old former tennis student.

Falls says they aren t sure where the second charge comes from. Falls says they don t know what the 15-year-old told police or how to respond to it. Either way, Princell maintains his innocence.

Princell has stepped away from his instructor duties since it is an ongoing case. Falls says that is to ease the minds of Princell s clients.

Princell is due in court April 16 for a probable cause hearing, where more details about the allegations typically come out.

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