CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Dozens of emergency management workers hit the ground on foot Thursday morning in Caldwell County searching for evidence after skeletal remains were found on Tuesday.

Very methodical, very meticulous the terrain is rough in there as far as undergrowth, said Sgt. B.J Fore with Caldwell County Sheriff s Office.

Caldwell County Sheriff's Office joined forces early Thursday morning with area police and Medic. They're searching on foot off Winkler Way and Highway 268.

We've gridded off the area in segments and we've got about 40-45 searchers on the ground in there and we're searching for evidence, said Sgt. Fore.

Evidence that could give answers after a hunter found skeletal remains on Tuesday. SBI is now testing them.

The Red Cross set up a staging area to make sure as the crews are rotating through to take a break they have plenty of food and drinks.

Many of the search crew members were also part of the search for Zahra Baker. Right now, Sheriff's officials say they have no evidence to connect these remains to Zahra, but it's certainly on their minds.

We all would like closure on this case. It was horrific, it touched a lot of hearts and lot of lives and hurt a lot of people to know this child suffered, so if that's what this turns out to be it will be great closure, added Sgt. Fore.

Until then, they'll keep looking for clues.

The Caldwell County Sheriff's Office said they will be out all day searching and hope to wrap up Thursday, but they have plans in place if they need to continue Friday. They're waiting to see if SBI can identify the remains and possible cause of death.

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