CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The debate over the Marriage Amendment has been centered around defining marriage as only between man and woman, but some say it goes way beyond same sex marriage. They say it could put domestic abuse victims and their kids at risk.

We're talking about hundreds and thousands of women and children who could be affected immediately by this, said Jane Taylor with United Family Services, Battered Women s Shelter.

The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families is running an ad showing how victims of domestic abuse could be affected. In the ad, a woman says because she was not married she and her child could be in danger.

Amendment One, if this gets passed, could take away my protection order, the woman says.

Taylor sees the damage this Amendment could do to the unmarried victims she works with everyday. She says it's not just about same sex marriage, but any relationships that aren't defined by marriage.

It could lead the opportunity to say this is not a legal recognized relationship therefore the protection order does not apply, said Taylor.

Some voters don't understand opponents say the amendment could damage domestic violence rights.

I just barely saw the ad I thought it had to do with same sex partnership, said one voter.

Those for the amendment say it has nothing to do with North Carolina's domestic violence.

People who are victims of domestic violence will be just as protected the day after this amendment passes as they are today, said David Hains with the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

One voter says he isn't swayed by the ad.

I don't think there's a chance that restraining orders will be affected by the amendment, I think it's just a red herring, he said.

But Taylor added after seeing it happen in other states like Ohio, they are very concerned.

There's still great legal debate here in North Carolina on both sides of the amendment as to whether it would indeed affect domestic violence victims, Taylor noted.

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