MINT HILL, N.C. The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners voted to adopt a new Housing and Property Maintenance Code and Nuisance Abatement Code at a meeting Thursday night.

According to Code Enforcement, the new amendment will allow the city more tools to take care of run down, vacant properties.

In the past, action had to be taken against the property owner and the owner could continue to make applications for inspections, which delayed either repair or demolition. Now Code Enforcement will be able to take action against a property so the owner will have 12 months to comply. If they don t, then the city can determine what action (repair and demolition) needs to be done.

NewsChannel 36 reported on a burned out house at 7200 Pine Lake Lane in Mint Hill in March, and earlier this week no changes had been made to the property. A fire ruined the home two-and-a-half years ago.

This has been a total frustration and is bringing down (the neighborhood) as a whole, said Pat Heffernan, who lives next to the Pine Lake Lane home.

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