LONDON -- Not everyone at the Olympics go to the games. There are dozens of students from the Carolinas getting a very different perspective of London.

University of South Carolina juniors Kyle Headley and Ethan Samarel came to get dirty. They are two of 49 students at the Olympics from USC's sport and entertainment management program.

We handle the cleaning and waste management for all the venues here at the Olympics, Headley said.

Kyle spends his day getting trashed at the gymnastics arena.

I'm not above anything, he said. Sometimes that means you've got to get your hands dirty. I've pulled out a couple bins. I've been in the trash. I've thrown trash down the rubbish shoot. That's just part of being an intern.

London has been home for Charlotte's Ethan Samarel for the past 10 weeks.

I've talked to Ryan Lochte. I've seen Tyson Gay, he said. I've met Kevin Durant, lots of awesome athletes.

Ethan is overseeing housekeeping in the athlete village, which is no easy task.

Some of them throw massive parties and it's just everywhere. Stuff everywhere, Samarel said.

It s also his job to make sure athletes feel comfortable before their competition.

A lot of them are very, very tall. So we have to bring in multiple, multiple bed extensions for some of them, he said. The most I've heard is three for one athlete.

Samarel revealed a few best and worst, too. The sloppiest? Slovakia. The cleanest? Czech Republic or Brazil.

While Ethan and Kyle are keeping things tidy, their own rooms are suffering. There are 10 people to their rooms. Headley said he spends his limited free time blogging about his experience, from his living arrangement, to his work responsibilities to this interview.

It started out because my mom was like, I think it would be a really good idea and I was like, I don't know, I don't know and I finally caved.

With less than a week before the games end, they are grateful to their school and grateful to their parents for the personal and professional experience.

Thank you very much, said Ethan. It's an amazing experience.

This is the best summer I've ever had. Thank you very much, said Kyle. It's meant the world to me.

Kyle and Ethan, though interns, are getting paid for their work in London. They re hoping the experience will help them launch a career in sport and entertainment management.

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