CHARLOTTE, N.C. A three hearse collision caused delays on I-77 north near the Remount Road exit on Saturday.

According to Highway Patrol officer Trooper B. Jolly, the three hearses were with a group call Carolina Coffin Cruisers . They were headed to Greensboro for a car show and had coffins inside the vehicles as Halloween decorations.

Jolly says two of the three hearses slammed into one another causing a chain reaction. A passenger vehicle also collided with the third hearse.

Traffic was slow moving as bewildered drivers passed the collision. A Department of Transportation camera showed at least one hearse with a huge dent in the rear.

It was certainly the first time I ve ever seen three hearses involved in a car accident, said Trooper Jolly in a phone interview with NBC Charlotte.

No one was seriously injured, and no citations were issued.

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