CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hurricane Sandy continues to impacts travel across much of the US. Nearly 7,000 flights were grounded, mostly in the northeast as of Monday afternoon.

Many of the major airlines were busy moving planes to safer ground ahead of the storm. Most are offering passengers refunds or the opportunity to re-book. Although some travelers were reporting long wait times to reschedule.

Travel experts are advising people to make changes through airline websites.

In Charlotte, nearly all flights to New York City, Boston, DC and Baltimore were canceled. Some passengers flying to other destinations were apprehensive.

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We were concerned with the flights, with the traffic, because anytime there are flights delayed, chances are, yours is going to be delayed, said Hazel Joyner. Joyner was flying back home to Florida.

Maxine Riggs was heading to St. Louis.

I think my biggest concern is my flight being delayed and getting stuck at the airport, she said.

Travel isn't expected to return to normal until later in the week.

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