DURHAM, N.C. -- Durham Police have found Kameron Herby, 2, who was the center of an Amber Alert on Monday.

Kameron Herby disappeared while playing outside an apartment they were visiting at 2507 S. Roxboro Street in Durham.

His mother said she took her eyes off the child for a few minutes to speak with a friend and when she looked back he was no where to be seen.

She and friends searched for about twenty minutes before calling police.

Durham rolled in lots of resources including search dogs, a state highway patrol chopper with heat seeking infrared cameras, and a water rescue unit.

Despite the massive manhunt in the small neighborhood, nothing was found for hours.

About 9:30, after dogs had cleared the scene, a group of volunteers was allowed to look.

Joined by two Durham police officers, the group found the child inside an apartment less than 100 feet from where he disappeared.

Searchers say when they knocked on the door, someone inside the apartment handed the child to one of the police officers who was with them.

Little Kameron was taken to a police command post and then transferred to the hospital to be examined.

Police placed crime scene tape around apartment 2503 B but refuse to say who lives there or why the child was inside that unit for so many hours.

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