CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Wednesday s numeral pattern 12-12-12 doesn t turn up that often.

Since 2000 several repeating dates have come along, including 7-7-07 and 10-10-10. Couples consider it a prime time to get married and expectant parents hope to deliver their babies. The next repeating date is Jan. 1, 2101.

For some, the rarity of all three numbers in the date being the same could spell catastrophe; others see it as a sign of good fortune.

Twin brothers Dashaun and Davion Robinson of Charlotte aren t thinking about such cosmic matters. They turn 12 on 12-12-12 and birthday plans are on their minds.

They ve been making a list of things they want to do, said their mother, Shana Robinson. Things to do today and the rest of the week.

The brothers, who are sixth graders at Ridge Road Middle, let it be known that what they d like most is to skip school Wednesday.

But their mom quickly vetoed the idea.

I told them they had to go, said Robinson, 35 Not going to school to them, that s special. But I think education is a little more important.

Another birthday wish is doing the indoor water park at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord and spending a night at the resort. Robinson is still working on that request.

Bowling is another possibility along with a trip to the mall so they can each pick out a gift.

But birthday cake and ice cream, shared with a few friends is definitely on the day s agenda.

Robinson, a single mother with five children, said the family is tightly knit, with the twins especially close.

Among the things they like to do together are roller skate, play video games and take in action movies like Transformers and Avengers.

They re great kids, Robinson said. Dashaun loves science and Davion loves to read. They both love anything to do with sports.

Baseball is their favorite. This summer, they played on the championship-winning Hickory Grove Angels team in Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation competition.

In a critical game, Davion pitched a 13-12 win without telling anybody he had a fever of 103.

He was afraid they d take him out of the game, Robinson said. The next morning I took him to the doctor and found he had strep throat.

She enjoys watching the twins in action on the ball field.

They re excellent players, Robinson said. They work as a team. They know what they need to do. They stay active and are motivated.

When she s at the ball field sometimes people will ask her: Who is that little guy pitching?

It makes me proud they want to know who my son is, Robinson said.

The brothers share a common dream: playing professional baseball someday.

Right now, that may seem like a long way off.

But Robinson knows time is flying by. It s hard to believe the kids will be 12 Wednesday.

They re growing and making friends, she said. They don t need mom as much as they used to. They re not babies anymore.

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