MOUNTHOLLY, N.C. -- This holiday season Cindi and Kirk Davis are taking time to smell the holly.

There s a thought that this could be my last Christmas we have, it s not what I have planned, but it always could be, so yeah, it gives me a little extra oomph to keep going, yeah, said Cindi.

Cindi and Kirk haven t decorated their home in four years. In 2008, Cindi was diagnosed with breast cancer and in the years since, the cancer has gotten worse, this summer it became terminal.

Then more bad news came from the bank.

Too many medical bills meant having to make tough choices and the mortgage came second.

This past fall, Cindi and Kirk were told the bank was foreclosing and was going to auction off their house in early December leaving them nowhere to go.

In late November, the bank had a change of heart and postponed everything that meant, Cindi would be able to decorate.

It s not about decorations and it s not about presents or anything, it s the season, it s the spirit and this year, we have spirit, Kirk said.

Getting child-like and living in the moment for the moment, and in her home it is a small Christmas miracle, but a miracle none-the less.

I ll be able to hold Cindi, for me, that s Christmas, to be able to sit down and have a meal and be able to hold her and let her know that she is loved and protected, for me, that s Christmas, that s everything, Kirk said.

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