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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Savannah and Derek continue to care for their egg in the eagle aviary at Carolina Raptor Center while eagle cam fans hope to catch Savannah laying a second egg on the live video stream.

Savannah and Derek laid the first egg of 2013 late in the afternoon on New Year s Day. A second egg is usually laid about two to three days after the first.

On Thursday afternoon Savannah and Derek took turns sitting on the nest and moving sticks around.

The incubation period for eagle eggs is about 33 to 35 days. The work of incubation is mostly done by the female, but the male eagle will spell the female for short stints for her to eat and stretch her legs. Derek has been observed feeding Savannah as she sits on the nest.

The parents must bond to the eggs for incubation to continue. Disturbance by humans may cause the birds to abandon the eggs, so contact is kept to a minimum during this period. This is one of the reasons that the eagle aviary was closed on January 1.

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