SALUDA, S.C. (AP) -- Saluda's mayor claimed nearly $27,000 in travel reimbursements in 2012, more than triple what he spent on travel the year before.

Mayor Frank Addy told The Index-Journal of Greenwood ( that the trips were to drum up economic development for Saluda. He says it has more than paid for itself with millions of dollars of new business.

Addy says he made most of the trips in a day, so he doesn't have hotel or gas station receipts. He also says he can't identify his destinations or the businesses he visited because the town keeps that information confidential.

Saluda reimburses Addy 55 cents a mile for his travel, which comes out to driving more than 48,000 miles last year.

Addy claimed $8,800 for travel in 2011 and $2,300 in 2010.

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