IREDELLCOUNTY, N.C. -- A routine traffic stop netted the seizure of more than $150,000 in cash.

Authorities say a 17 and 19-year-old were traveling from New York to Atlanta when a deputy with the Iredell County Sheriff's Office pulled them over while traveling southbound on I-77 near Highway 901.

A K-9 indicated there were drugs in the vehicle, but officials say the search didn't turn up any drugs, but rather 16 bundles of cash in a bag in the back seat.

Officials had to physically count the cash, and determined the amount to be $160,000.

Neither the 17 or 19-year-old were arrested or charged, but the investigation continues.

Authorities say they don't believe this incident and the traffic stop that netted $29,000 just last week are connected.

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