CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. -- Some people living in Chester County are fighting to get rid of the stink in their neighborhood.

Alfonso Wherry is trying to get flyers to as many neighbors as possible. He's fighting to stop Charlotte Mecklenburg utilities from spreading sludge on several Chester County fields including the one right down the road from his house.

It s a procedure that s legal, but requires a permit. Residents are hoping the state won t renew that permit.
His neighbors are helping get the word out. Jimmi Adkins says the smell from the sludge makes her son sick.

He coughs all the time, not right now, but as soon as they bring it back out he ll start back, said Adkins.

Wherry spent Friday afternoon in the carpool line at Chester Elementary.

I m trying to pass out some info about the sludge being passed out in the area, matter of fact right across from the school here, he told parents.

Wherry is hoping the flyers will get people to the meeting next Tuesday where South Carolina Department Health and Environmental Control will give people a chance to voice their concerns. The meeting is Tuesday night at 6 at the Richburg Fire Department.

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