CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Delta passenger jet apparently had to abort a takeoff Thursday at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after the crew reported a possible bird strike, Delta officials said.

The jet was taking off for Detroit shortly before 2 p.m. when it came to a sudden stop, witnesses said. Several Charlotte Fire Department trucks were called to the scene, but there was no sign of fire or other major problem with the aircraft.

The jet remained on a ramp next to a runway for about 30 minutes before being towed back to the concourse.

One witness, Justin Grill of Monroe, said the jet was at full throttle as it came down the runway.

The pilot shut it down in a hurry and came to a stop out there in the runway, Grill said. He was able to move the jet onto a side runway a short time later.

Delta said the 130 passengers were put on another flight to Detroit.

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