MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. -- Parents of students at Mallard Creek High School showed up to challenge the Charlotte Mecklenburg Superintendent, Dr. Heath Morrison, on the school s new grading practice.

At Mallard Creek High School students receive a score no less than a 50 so long as the teacher determines the student is putting forth some effort.

Are we dumbing it down? asked one parent at a Coffee with the Superintendent held at Hough High School.

Mallard Creek parent, Richmond Baker, said he first challenged the change in grading at Vance High School last year, and asked Morrison how a parent was supposed to determine how poorly a child was doing if the lowest possible score was a 50.

If you don t do anything, you re going to get a zero, answered Morrison, who repeatedly answered that the grading change was not a system-wide change in policy, but an experiment at selected schools.

It s a school decision and you need to be addressing it at the school level.

Morrison said he had been briefed by Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark about proposed changes in grading.

We need to have some consistency and that s what we re doing, he said.

But Morrison insisted he has not made up his mind whether to present a policy of no score less than a 50 to the elected school board.

I hope we don t overreact, he said.

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