CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Concourse A of Charlotte Douglas Airport is abuzz with eager anticipation. A family patiently waits for a little girl, who has had a long journey.

[I m] waiting for my sister.

That sister is one of 19 children who arrived Wednesday from the war torn country of Afghanistan. The group Solace for Children connects these children, with host families.

[They ve] been prearranged to stay with host families for 6 weeks during the summer to experience America, but most importantly, to build peace on a foundation of health.

The group helps children who ve been injured through war or natural causes.

Children, like Farida.

Farida s here. She was in an explosion, where some of her siblings were killed and she was severely injured. Physical therapy is a big thing. She lost an eye. We re working a prosthetic eye for her and then some of the scarring and the shrapnel that might still be in her, warmly smiles a Solace participant.

The little girl is obviously ebullient. A giant smile is plastered on her face, as she awaits the return of her sister.

Then suddenly:

Oh, there she is! The one with the pink backpack!

Today, there will be many emotional reunions. After 6 months, Farida and her sister are together again.

She s living with another family, but we re all real close, so they ll get to spend plenty of time together.

Immediately, Farida takes pictures and makes plans, like going to the beach. She knows this time, when she says goodbye to her sister today, it won t be long until she ll see her again.

It s humbling, yet just a great feeling to know you've had a positive impact on somebody's life that's been through such trauma.

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