NEWTON, N.C. -- Newton police are looking for a man who robbed a Newton gas station at gunpoint on Tuesday morning.

Surveillance video shows the robbery suspect shouting and waving a gun in the clerk s face all while demanding money and cigarettes.

The store clerk was in the cooler when the man walked into the store around 2 a.m. with a mask covering half of his face, police said.

The video shows the suspect grabbing the money and cigarettes from the clerk after yelling his demands.

The clerk gave the suspect $35 in the cash register. The suspect then demanded the clerk give him the money from the safe.

When the clerk could only provide approximately $60 from the safe, the suspect then demanded Newport cigarettes to which the clerk gave the suspect three packs, according to police.

As the suspect was demanding cigarettes, a witness who was walking to the store noticed the robbery from outside through the glass doors but did not have a phone to call police.

The suspect noticed the witness outside and briefly pointed his gun toward him.

Once the suspect received the cigarettes he made the clerk lay on the floor behind the counter as he exited the store running west from the store, police said.

Anyone that has any information on this case or can assist in identifying the suspect is asked to call the Newton Police Department at 828-465-7430.

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