LANCASTER, S.C. -- Lancaster Police say they've identified the man responsible for the armed robbery of a Walgreens last week.

Over the weekend, police say Richard Wayne Jackson, Jr., of Rock Hill, was arrested in connection with unrelated crimes in York and Iredell Counties. Further investigation into those crimes revealed Jackson as the suspect in the armed daylight robbery of the Walgreens on the Highway 9 bypass, investigators say.

Arrest warrants were issued for Jackson on the charges of armed robbery and possession of a firearm during commission of a violent crime.

Police say Jackson approached the pharmacy calendar and started naming-off controlled substances like Xanax, Hydrocodone, Clonipin and Diazepam. The pharmacy tech didn't realize what was happening, police say, and asked the suspect what his question was, prompting him to lift the front of his shirt and display something tucked-in to his waistband and say I want it all, now .

The pharmacy tech told police she didn't see a gun, but did observe some type of object tucked into the man's waistband.

At this point, the pharmacy tech nudged the pharmacist who asked the suspect how she could help, and the man named the drugs and again demanded them, according to the police report.

The pharmacist retrieved a shopping bag and began grabbing the medications requested. Jackson then told the pharmacy employees time was up and demanded they hand over the drug, police say.

Meanwhile, a third employee saw the exchange between the employees and Jackson and stepped off to the side to call 911.

When Jackson began to exit the store, the employee on the phone with dispatch followed and confronted him. That's when, police say, Jackson pulled the gun from his pants and pointed it at the employee's face, while continuing to briskly walk out of the store.

The employee continued to follow Jackson outside, and was able to describe the suspect vehicle as a gray or tan four-door Toyota, that exited south onto Gillsbrook Road before turning onto Plantation Road. Witnesses say Jackson was the vehicle's only occupant.

Authorities were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

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